Portsmouth Ohio

Where Southern Hospitality Begins

City Council


Except as otherwise provided in the City's Charter, all legislative powers of the City are vested in a Council consisting of one member nominated and elected to a four-year term from each of the six wards. 

Each member of Council elected or appointed from a ward must have resided in that ward no less than six months and must have been a resident of the City for at least three years immediately preceding his election.



First Ward - Chairman Kevin W. Johnson - Economic Development & Sustainability

Second Ward - Chairman Rich Saddler - Parks, Service, Building Recreation & Cultural

Third Ward - Chairman Kevin E. Johnson - Personnel & Performance

Fourth Ward - Chairman Jim Kalb - Public Works

Fifth Ward - Chairman Gene Meadows - Legal, Legislative & Safety

Sixth Ward - Chairman Jeff Kleha - Budget & Finance


Agendas, Minutes, and Audio Files

Previous years will be made available soon or can be made available on request.