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How can I add the father's name to my child's birth certificate?

Paternity establishment refers to the legal determination of being named as a child's father.

The voluntary acknowledgment process refers to the completion of a form known as an Acknowledgment of Paternity. You can complete this at the hospital when your child is born, before both parents leave the hospital. It can also be completed at your local Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) http://jfs.ohio.gov/county/cntydir.stm or the local city or county health department http://www.odh.ohio.gov/. If some doubt as to the parentage of the child or is contested, either parent may request that the CSEA conduct genetic testing to determine the father of the child. The CSEA will then order all parties to submit to genetic testing and will issue an administrative paternity or based on the outcome of the genetic test. For a paternity order to be established, the test mush show at least a 99% probability of fatherhood.

The determination of paternity refers to completion of a form known as a Determination of Paternity. This form is issued from either Juvenile Court or Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) after genetic testing is conducted.

CSEA will conduct genetic testing only if there is not a father listed on the birth certificate. If a mother was married at the time of the child's birth and the husband is listed on the birth certificate, the father change must be ordered from Juvenile Court.