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Environmental Health

Portsmouth City Health Department 

Environmental Division


Welcome to the Division of Environmental Health. As part of the Portsmouth City Health Department, our division conducts a wide variety of programs aimed at protecting and improving the health of the citizens of Portsmouth. If you have any questions or concerns that can not be handled through our normal procedures, please contact me at 740-353-5153 ext 8910  or email me at [email protected]

Andrew Gedeon, RS Director of Environmental Health


Through our programs and services, the Portsmouth City Health Department Environmental Division aspires to fulfill the public health mission of promoting health and safety, preventing disease, and improving the environment and living conditions of all citizens of Portsmouth, Ohio


Working closely with the other Health Department Divisions, the other City of Portsmouth Departments, and our many partners at a local, state and national level in a collaborative fashion to achieve our common goals of serving our community.


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Nuisance Complaints

Inspection Program

Land Reutilization Program

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