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Restaurant Inspections

How often are food service operations (restaurants) and retail food establishments (grocery stores and carry outs), inspected ?

A food service operation (restaurant) and retail food establishment (grocery stores and carry outs), receives up to four standard or regular inspections per licensing period depending on what class they are licensed as. Facilities are licensed as a Class I, II, III or IV facility according to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code. Licensing periods run from March 1 to February 28.

Class I and II facilities = 1 standard inspection per licensing period.

Class III facilites = 2 standard inspections per licensing period

Class IV facilities = 2 standard and 2 Critical Control Point inspections per licensing period. The standard and critical control point inspections may be conducted at the same time.


Please note that a complaint inspection is conducted when a complaint is received concerning a food service operation or retail food establishment. Complaint inspections are conducted in addition to the required standard inspections.