Portsmouth Ohio

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Inspection Programs

The Environmental Division conducts numerous state and city mandated inspection programs. These include restaurants, grocery stores, pools, spas, manufactured home parks, campgrounds, marinas, schools, ambulances, private water systems, private sewage systems, and tattoo shops. This program also addresses public complaints and investigates outbreaks of food borne illness.

All restaurants (Food Service Operations), grocery stores (Retail Food Establishments), convenient stores, bars and grills within the Portsmouth city limits are licensed by the Portsmouth City Health Department. The food service program is mandated by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The licensing procedure includes plan review, which is the initial step taken to open a food operation. A plan review packet can be picked up at the PCHD at no charge and should contain information regarding the name and contact information of the person whose name will appear on the license, a layout and design of the facility and equipment, a menu of what type of food shall be served there, what steps will be taken to receive, store, prepare, serve and discard food in a safe manner, and finally signed off by Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Backflow Prevention, Fire and Health Inspectors. After this packet has been completed it should be submitted to the health dept. for review which carries a fee of $125.00. Within 30 days you will either receive an Approval Letter or a Request for More Information Letter. More information regarding Plan Review and opening a food operation can be obtained by calling PCHD at (740) 353-5153.

FSOs and RFEs are typically inspected anywhere from 1-4 times per year depending on a classification system based on what type of foods are served and to whom they are being served—this is denoted as a Risk Level. A copy of the inspection is given to the licensee at the time of inspection and a copy of the inspection is kept on file at the health department. These inspections are public record.

Additional inspections are performed as a result of complaints filed with the health department regarding food and public health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to give my name if I call the health department to report a food safety issue?

No. Your privacy is respected and you may remain anonymous.

Where can I find information about safe food handling?

You can visit the Ohio Department of Health Web site for more infomation.