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Smoking Ban

The Environmental Division investigates complaints regarding the Ohio Smoking Ban that outlaws smoking in any public workplace.
Smoke-free Workplace Program

Issue 5 passed November 7, 2006, by a majority of voters in the State of Ohio. The initiative is meant to protect all workers and the public from exposure to secondhand smoke in workplaces and public places. The law took effect December 7, 2006 and enforcement began May 3, 2007. For a complete copy of the Law and Rules vist www.ohionosmokelaw.gov. 

Filing a Complaint

Complaints can be filed anonymously by calling 1-866-559-6446. Your complaint will then be transferred to the proper jurisdiction for enforcement.

Summary of the Ban

  1. Businesses must prohibit smoking in any “public place” or “place of employment”
  2. Businesses must Post no-smoking signs with the toll-free enforcement number, 1-866-559-OHIO (6446), at all entrances or areas of transition between non-regulated and regulated areas (Copies of signs can be printed out from the following website www.ohionosmokelaw.gov
  3. Businesses must remove ashtrays and other tobacco receptacles

No Smoking Signs

A "No Smoking" sign can be downloaded and printed out for use in regulated areas at the following link, or by clicking the image to the right.
Click Here to download a "No Smoking" sign.


Ohio Department of Health Smoking Ban Website: www.odh.ohio.gov/landing/phs_smoking/tobbaccouse.aspx


Who do I call with a smoking complaint? Call 1-866-559-6446.