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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I have to obtain a DEMOLITION PERMIT to tear down a building in the city?

Whenever a structure is razed, the EXTERMINATION PERMIT issued by the Health Department is a means of notifying the Department of Engineering that the structure has been properly exterminated and approved for demolition.  The Department of Engineering will NOT issue a DEMOLITION PERMIT unless the EXTERMINATION PERMIT has been approved by the Code Enforcement Officer and a certificate issued.  Engineering will then do an on-site inspection to ensure that all electricity, water, natural gas, and sewer lines have been properly terminated or capped prior to the demolition. 

Why do I have to obtain an EXTERMINATION PERMIT to tear down a building in the city?

Whenever a building is razed, vermin such as cockroaches or rodents that may be present can and will scatter to adjacent properties or structures once demolition begins, therefore all buildings scheduled for demolition must first be exterminated by a state-licensed pest control operator (PCO). The PCO will inspect and take appropriate measures, such as spraying or baiting with insecticide and/or rodenticide, to eradicate any vermin that may be infesting the structure.