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NOTICE: City of Portsmouth - Weeds in Alleyways


Weeds behind any property are the responsibility of the owner or renter from the fence line to the alley. The City of Portsmouth Sanitation Department is experiencing problems with having a clear path to empty the trash cans and the city is asking for the cooperation of the property owners or renters to make sure that the area is clear. Be advised failure to comply could result in fees as described below, however that is something the city would like to avoid if at all possible.


  (a) No person being the owner, occupant, lessee, tenant or agent of any property located within the City shall allow noxious or unsightly weeds or grass to grow to a height of six inches.  Furthermore, no owner, occupant, lessee, tenant or agent shall allow the growth of any unkempt vines, brush, or shrubbery or tree limbs to grow onto any easement or right of way whose presence creates a nuisance or a health or safety concern.  This includes prohibiting the discharge of grass clippings and debris onto City streets and alleyways while mowing.  As used in this section, “property” also includes that portion of land extending to the pavement surface of a contiguous street or alley.

   (b)   If the owner, occupant, lessee, tenant or agent fails to remove the unsightly grass, weeds, unkempt vines, brush, shrubbery or tree limbs within the timeframe given by the City Manager or his or her authorized representative, the responsible party would be issued a citation to appear in Municipal Court; if the conditions still are not resolved, the City Manager or his or her authorized representative may permit the property to be abated at a cost (per occurrence) as follows:

  (1)     The cost of labor shall be two hundred dollars ($200.00) for the first hour and one hundred dollars ($100.00) per hour for each hour thereafter.


Jack Tackett

Public Service Director