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City Planning Commission Meeting - August 17th - 1:00 p.m.


City Planning Commission

Date:  August 17, 2021 1:00 P.M. 728 2nd Street, Room 25 Portsmouth, Ohio 45662


            1.  Call to Order

            2.  Roll Call

            3.  Acceptance of Previous Minutes

            4.  Reading of Agenda

Item #1:           Request for a variance for a single-family home located at 2311 Timlin Hill, to allow for more than 4 boarders, and become a boarding house.

Request:         Trevor and Kara Copeland, owners, after reviewing the Residential A Zoning information, are requesting the number of boarders to be risen to allow for more guests to stay at the residence, due to the larger size of the home.  Within the zoning law it states, the leasing of rooms or the taking of boarders, provided that the total number of roomers and boarders does not make the dwelling come withing the definition of a lodging house, inn, or boarding house. They are requesting their home to be defined more as a “Boarding House”, which means an abode, not a public inn, in which sleeping rooms for more than four persons for lodging with meals as an option.  They will continue to live in the residence, therefore not needing a zoning change beyond a variance of the number of boarders.  This would allow for only the current owners   to have more boarders.  If sold to a new owner, they would need to re-apply.  They have at this time two rooms under remodel for boarders and other rooms that can be used as sleeping rooms.  Thet will not exceed 10 rooms for the purpose of boarding and again will continue to live in the residence.