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Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Professional Design-Build Services Portsmouth Skatepark

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Professional Design-Build Services Portsmouth Skatepark

The City of Portsmouth is seeking proposals from experienced skatepark design-build teams to provide services to plan, produce schematic design, final design and construct a reinforced concrete skatepark complex at Weghorst Park in the City of Portsmouth.

The City of Portsmouth has secured funding from the Ohio Development Service Agency and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for the new construction of an 11,200 square foot skatepark on Madison Street, Portsmouth, Ohio. The successful team will be required to coordinate with the Army Corps of Engineers to evaluate various design constraints with respect to the levy and floodplain regulations.

The scope will include design services, cost estimates, and preparation of construction documents related to the design and construction of a skatepark at Weghorst Park, Portsmouth, Ohio. The scope of design-build work includes engineering, landscape architecture, hydraulic/hydrologic evaluations environmental assessments and mitigation, boundary surveying, topographic and existing condition surveying, earth work, erosion control and soil stabilization, pollution prevention, geotechnical testing, lighting design, construction and other professional and technical services will be included as (sub) consultants in the team.

The ideal design-build team shall include:

Experienced Skatepark Designers, Landscape Architects, Hydraulic and Hydrology Engineers, Geotechnical, Environmental, Structural and Civil Engineers and construction personnel capable of building the project as designed. List the proposed sub-consultants under consideration for the team, including a brief description of their qualifications. Include an organization chart showing the relationship of the prime firm and sub-consultants. Identify persons on the design team with credentials listing applicable credentials and state of licensure.

Desired Elements:
• A mix of elements including; but not limited to, rails, quarter and/or half-pipes, bowls, ramps, boxes, etc. that are conducive to a wide range of skill and abilities
• Seating areas for spectators
• Water fountain/bottle filling area

The selection process will consist of two phases, the "Qualification Statement, and the Proposal” the City's selection committee will short list no more than three firms from the Qualification Statement, per the criteria listed in the RFQ and then issue the Request for Proposals to those firms. The purpose of the Proposal is to provide the short-listed firms the opportunity to submit additional information for further clarification and amplification of the information provided in the Qualification Statement. The City's selection committee will rank the firms in order of preference for determination of the most qualified firm for the Project based on the evaluation criteria. The highest ranked firm will be asked to submit a fee proposal to begin contract negotiations.

Acceptance of evaluation methodology:
By submitting its Qualification Statement in response to this RFQ submitters accepts the evaluation process as outlined below and acknowledges and accepts that determination of the most qualified firm offering the best value to the City may require subjective judgments by the owner.

Public information:
All information, documentation, and other materials submitted in response to his solicitation are considered non-confidential and/or non-proprietary and are subject to public disclosure

The City of Portsmouth is not responsible for the non-receipt of Submittals sent by mail or courier. Submitters are cautioned to submit a complete response to all requirements.

Subsequent to the issuance of this RFQ, the City of Portsmouth reserves the right to amend it, waive any requirement or irregularity, request modifications to submittals, providing all firms are treated equally, and reject any and all qualification statements for any reason. The City of Portsmouth further reserves the right to award the contract for this project as deemed in its best interest, and to request changes in the composition of any team.

Submitters are requested to provide one hard copy or one digital copy of their submittal for Professional Services for Portsmouth Skatepark Project to: [email protected] or The City of Portsmouth, Office of Community Development 728 Second Street Portsmouth, Ohio 45662 by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Submittals should be organized as follows:

1. Specific expertise in areas pertinent to the project

2. Capabilities, resources and responsiveness:
A. Staffing size, current workload, availability
B. Staffs areas of expertise.
C. Experience with other skate park projects
D. History of meeting deadlines
E. History of staying within budget
F. Expertise of project manager and project team
G. Past performance on City and other contracts
H. Current financial capability

3. Approach to the project:
A. Plan proposed adequately answers questions
B. Proper attention given to critical issues
C. Familiarity with circumstances surrounding project
D. Three client references from similar projects within the last 10 years

EVALUATION CRITERIA                                                                                  Total Points

1. Qualifications to undertake the project                                                             25 points

2. Staffing capabilities                                                                                          15 points

3. Project experience specific to the project                                                        25 points

4. Abilities to produce innovative solutions to resolve unique problems              25 points

5. Project team organization for providing services required for the project        10 points

                                                                                                                           100 points

Any inquiries or concerns regarding the specified Request for Qualifications procedures or processes shall be directed to [email protected]